[VLVC Repost] Making Up a Guy (feat. Leo Dickenson)

[VLVC Repost] Making Up a Guy (feat. Leo Dickenson)

Hello! This is a reposted episode from a previous podcast I used to do called Very Legal, Very Cool. I'm reposting this episode as a way of introducing Leo Dickenson to the Fruitless canon since he'll be appearing on a Patreon episode I will be releasing within the next week. Enjoy.

Originally posted 4/5/2021
You can find a link to the Very Legal, Very Cool archive here.
Intro music by SHADE08

Original show notes

In today's episode, Leo (@LCDickens) joins Josiah to talk about the discourse: Lil Nas X, Dr. Seuss, "cancel culture," evangelicals, exvangelicals, and why the internet sucks but can sometimes be good.

Modern Guilt - Beck
Fuck Off - The Frogs
Sure As Spring - La Luz